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Business Overview

1)Personal Deposit
a)Current Saving Deposit
The Current Saving deposit refers to a service without any deposit term limitations that cash deposits and withdraws can be made at bank counters, bank self-service equipments with passbook 、bank card and reserved password or signature during bank business hours. Interest paid to this account.
b)All-in-one Fixed Account
All-in-one Fixed Account is a comprehensive fixed saving account for multiple currency types. One All-in-one Fixed Account can conduct multiple transactions on both LAK and foreign currency deposits and withdraws.
c)Personal Check Account
The check account is for personal client and client can get checkbook .No interest to this account.

a)Personal Internet Banking
Personal Internet Banking,under the brand name of "Banking@Home", is an internet banking channel that provides ICBC personal clients with online financial services, including account inquiry, transfer and remittance.
b)Foreign Currency Conversion
Personal Exchange Settlement is the business that you may exchange foreign currency in ICBC's real time exchange rate under the rules of the Administration of Foreign Exchange in LAO PDR.
c) Credit Certificate
A documentary evidence offered by ICBC with Chinese ,English ,Laos contrast in order to certify the customers' financial assets and transaction conditions in our bank (including deposit, loan, credit card, etc.) a credit certificate is a powerful objective certificate for personal fund strength, credit condition and fund flow.