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Guide to Personal Internet Banking

I. Introduction
Personal Internet Banking, under the brand name of "Banking@Home", is an internet banking channel that provides ICBC personal clients with online financial services, including account inquiry, transfer and remittance, investment and financing, and online payment.
Personal Internet Banking provides you with brand-new internet banking services, including account inquiry, transfer and remittance, financing products, bill payment and other function.

II. Target Client
Personal clients of good credit reputation holding the current deposit account opened in ICBC Limited Vientiane Branch, can all apply to sign up for Personal Internet Banking.

III. Features
1. Safe and Reliable: a rigorous standard digital certification system that has passed the national security authentication.
2. Strong Functions: multi-account management that facilitates you and your family financial management; personalized functions and alerts that showcase your special status; rich functions of financing that will become your best assistant.
3. Convenient and fast service: 24 hours of online service that transcends time and space and saves your time and energy; account management with all details of transactions clearly displayed; fast and convenient intra-city transfer and inter-city remittance; fast and convenient online payment.
4. Abundant Information: provides you with the inquiry of bank interest, FX rate and other information. It also provides you with detailed function introduction, operation guide, help document and demo programs so as to help you learn comprehensively about all the functions of the system.

IV. Application Condition
You need to provide your valid ID card and a registered ICBC Limited Vientiane Branch passbook.

V. Sign up
1. Information to provide: "Application Form of ICBC E-Banking Personal Account Registration". You must be aware of the "ICBC E-Banking Personal Client Service Agreement" on the back of the form.
2. Application materials to submit: if you have a local account, you need to submit "Application Form of ICBC E-Banking Personal Account Registration", your valid ID card, and registered bank card.
3. If you do not have a local account, you need to submit: the corresponding application form of registered card, "Application Form of ICBC E-Banking Personal Account Registration", and your valid ID card.
4. You need to provide the corresponding medium if you bring your USB-Shield.

Ⅵ. Fee and Tax
ICBC Internet Banking Annual Fee, Cost of Production, etc.

Ⅶ. Considerations
1. The type and number of the ID card for signing up ICBC Personal Internet Banking must be in accordance with the ID card used for applying the bank card.
2. To guarantee your financial security, you must go to the counter to sign up for the function of external transfer.
3. One client can only register for one time with one card for self-service registration.
4. To change the password, your new password must consist of 6 to 30 (including 6 and 30) characters with a combination of letters and numbers. Please make sure to distinguish between capital and small letters.
5. Clients who signed up for ICBC Personal Internet Banking through self-service or ICBC branch can cancel Internet Banking through self-service. You are not suggested to process any account opening transaction on the day of cancellation.

1. After using Internet Banking each time, please click the "Secure Log Out" button on the up-right part of the page to terminate the use, and meanwhile remove the USB-Shield and keep it safely.
2. When processing payment for online shopping, please do not open the remote assistance features of tools such as operating system, MSN and QQ. Please only confirm the payment after checking the payment sum and the order sum.
3. When you log on Internet Banking and process online payment, please be careful to avoid fraudulency of fake ICBC website. In order to help you identify fake website, ICBC provides you with anti-fishing website security control, which you can download and install.
4. If you use the business models of "USB-Shield “ , please carefully check whether payee account and trade amount is in accordance with the current transaction.
Responsibility Statement: The contents on this page are for reference only. The ultimate power of interpretation is under the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited. For part of the contents, notice and specific regulations of local branches shall prevail.