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Guide to Corporate Internet Banking

I. Introduction
Corporate Internet banking is a channel via which ICBC, based on the Internet or private network, provides such services as account inquiry, transfer and settlement and online payment to corporate clients. Due to different functions, mediums and target clients, there are various versions including General, Standard and Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Edition.
Corporate Internet banking services can be divided into basic services and special services. The former include account management, online remittance and online payment; the latter include online agency of payment and settlement, online collection, online letter of credit, online bank draft and high-level account management.

II. Target Client
Corporate clients who have opened accounts at ICBC and enjoy good credit standing, including enterprises, administrative institutions and social organizations.

III. Features
Drawing strength from advanced technology and service innovation, ICBC has always been committed to creating more value for our clients. With its advantages in technological development and management, ICBC has developed a financial management platform for corporate clients which integrates ten types of services including account information management, payment and collection, central fund distribution and investment management.
1. Stable and efficient system, highly developed network of clearing houses.
2. Powerful and various-typed products, sustainable capability of innovation.
3. 3A (Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow) services, high-quality management. ICBC provides 7 × 24-hour non-stop service. No matter where you are, you need only log on the Internet to enjoy fast and high-quality banking services.

IV. Application Condition
The client shall open an account at ICBC Limited Vientiane Branch and present its opening bank with required materials.

V. Sign up
(1)Read the following materials carefully: ICBC E-banking Regulation, ICBC Corporate e-banking Customer Service Agreement and relevant introductions.
(2) Prepare application materials: Application Form for Registration as the Corporate Internet Banking Client, Information Form of Enterprises and Groups which Conduct Frequent Fund Transfers with the Registered Corporate Client, Information Form of Enterprise Loan Account, Information Form of Client Certificate, Information Form of Branch Institutions, which can all be got from the account opening bank branch.

Ⅵ. Fee and Tax
Certificate annual service fee, account annual service fee, Corporate Internet banking (General edition) annual service fee.

Ⅶ. Product Link
General edition of Corporate Internet banking: The client can log onto the website of ICBC corporate Internet banking anytime and any place with his card number and password. This edition provides online financial services including account management, custom frontpage, password protection and loss reporting.
Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Edition of Corporate Internet banking: Preserving the basic functions, this edition simplifies the functions of the Standard edition, and develops a set of user-friendly and practical functions tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, such as "account inquiry", "verification of account", "transfer and remittance", "Corporate Financial Room", "ICBC Messenger", "investment management", "service reservation", "customer service" and "local features".

Ⅷ. Considerations
1. The client, obliged to guarantee the authenticity of the materials, shall duly fill in the forms and stamp them with his official seal. Special attention must be paid to the correctness of the address, or a mistaken address may delay the processing of your application.
2. Within two weeks after receiving the application form, ICBC shall respond to the client by phone call, email or post mail. For those clients whose application are not approved, your application materials will be returned.
3. For clients who apply for special services such as payment collection, remittance with remittee account designated VIP room and high-level account management, you need to fill in relevant application forms and apply at your account opening bank branch. For detailed information on the operations, please consult your account opening bank branch.
4. ICBC shall send the customer end security proxy software to you. You can download and install the software by referring to the installation instruction. ICBC also provides door-to-door installation service.
5. For group clients whose applications have been approved by ICBC, they shall organize their subsidiaries to assist ICBC in verifying "Letter of Authorization by E-banking Clients".

Ⅸ. Risk
Please keep your corporate Internet banking client certificate and password safely, avoiding risk of account information exposure or fund stolen due to loss of certificate or password.